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We at NutraPre love our moms – and we know and love many moms-to-be. We are also sensitive to the struggles of maintaining prenatal nutrition while enduring the effects of morning sickness. It cannot be too far outside the realm of reality that every expectant mother and father, at some point during a pregnancy has asked, “Why isn’t there a cure for Morning Sickness?

While we cannot claim that we’ve created a cure, we can say that NutraPre was made specifically for moms-to-be and nursing mothers. It is the first alkaline water beverage of its kind, being enhanced with beneficial prenatal and postnatal nutrients and minerals.

Moms can know that they are delivering vital nutrients to themselves and their baby, all while enjoying a pure, refreshing alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water during pregnancy has been shown as a great way to relieve morning sickness as well as remove acidic toxins from the body. 

We love our nutrient filled water and trust that you will too!

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Prenatal Vitamin Alkaline Water

Better absorption in a clear water without any additives. Plus, the alkaline water is great for morning sickness relief!