Can Alkaline Water
Help With Morning Sickness?

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NutraPre Is a Great Way to Relieve Morning Sickness.

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Alkaline Water

Water is one of the most essential items needed for human survival. In most cases, humans will perish after three days without water. At least 60% of the body is made of water and the introduction of it within the body keeps cells functioning. With water being so important, supplementing it with extra beneficial ingredients can enhance the quality of what is being consumed.

Alkaline water, water that is less acidic that other waters, has been studied in recent years as a better alternative to traditional water. This type of water is rich in alkalizing compounds such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate. One of the biggest benefits of drinking alkaline water is the improvements that come with the body being able to buffer acidity for better health and fitness.

Tap water tends to contain many different dissolved elements that can influence the pH levels within a human body. Alkaline water has a pH above 7, meaning that creating an alkaline balance within the body is more achievable through the drinking of alkaline water. If the body is too acidic, mineral losses and metabolic abnormalities can become problematic.

Through the process of producing alkaline water, groups of water molecules form microclusters and increase the richness of antioxidants within the water. These small clusters of water molecules allow for easy penetration and absorption into the body. Because NutraPre incorporates vitamins and minerals into our alkaline water, these clusters allow them to be easily absorbed and thereby more effective than traditional prenatal vitamins.

Problems Associated with Acidity

Throughout life our bodies are constantly in a state of flux, balancing the acidity and alkalinity within the body. Though we have some processes that can help remove acidity from the body, they don't always work optimally and excess acid runs rampant. The most effective way to bring this acidity back to manageable levels is by supplementing your diet with alkaline water.

Fat Deposits

When acid is left unchecked within the body, individuals will begin to produce more insulin. The storage of insulin directly correlates with increased fat deposits. When excessive acid is present, the body will push it back into fat tissues, where it will cling to cells.

In the event that individuals find they have a hard time losing weight, elevated acidity levels may be the culprit. To counteract this, supplementing alkaline water into a diet plan or eating low-acid foods can correct the issue. To determine if your body is too acidic, consult your physician.

Slow Metabolism

Left unchecked, acidity within the body can contribute to obesity. Over time this can lead to more severe problems such as cancer, faster aging and diabetes. Some studies have found that fat may be created as a buffer to combat the growing acidity within the body.

The body can create acidity through the process of metabolism. When acidity levels build up, the metabolism will slow to counteract the introduction of too much acid. Though some bodily processes help control acidity levels, the modern diet has made acidity flourish.

High Blood Pressure

Fructose within a diet can lead to the production of waste products such as uric acid. Recent discoveries have found that increased uric acid has a direct impact on raising blood pressure levels. This is caused by the inhibition of nitric oxide within the blood vessels that decrease elasticity.

When left untreated high blood pressure can cause heart disease, stroke and many other conditions. Often high blood pressure isn’t signaled by any noticeable symptoms. Though acidity within the blood can cause high blood pressure, diet also plays a very important role in keeping blood pressure at normal levels.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones form inside the kidneys as small, hard stone like mineral deposits. These stones are formed over time from a combination of mineral and acid salts. Passing kidney stones can be a painful process, however, passing the stones generally cause no lasting damage.

The pH levels of urine within the body are directly correlated to the production of kidney stones. When pH levels become too acidic, the body will begin losing minerals that can calcify over time. Uric acid, cystine and calcium oxalate stones can form when urine is too acidic.


During pregnancy, mothers will lose many alkaline minerals to the placenta to counteract waste products being introduced by the unborn child. With no way to release those wastes, alkaline minerals function to neutralize any acidic build ups that may be happening. When these minerals are lost, bone health can suffer greatly.

Because minerals are being drained within the body during periods of high acidity, it only makes sense that bone health can begin to suffer. As minerals are lost individuals can begin to develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is characterized by bones becoming weak through becoming porous.


Americans are among the most sleep-deprived individuals within the entire world. When the body is acidic, calcium will be leached from the bones in an attempt to neutralize the buildup of acidic contents. Recent studies have shown that as calcium levels deplete, the likelihood of insomnia becomes more pronounced.

Adding alkaline water to your diet will ensure that calcium isn't being lost unnecessarily. In the event that you suffer from insomnia, supplementing with calcium also may improve insomnia symptoms. However, even though this has been proven as a cause of insomnia, it may not be the reason individuals personally suffer from insomnia. For accurate treatment of insomnia to restore normal sleep patterns, you are encouraged to consult your physician.

Chronic Fatigue

When the body falls below the optimal pH level of 7.35, fluids within the body can become acidic. Lowered energy levels can be attributed to mineral loss, hormonal changes, bacteria production and lowered metabolism. These problems can all make the body work more strenuously and cause fatigue.

By creating a reserve of alkaline materials, individuals can reap the benefits associated with them. Namely, by providing the body with specific vitamins and minerals needed to facilitate proper bodily processes, individuals will have a noticeable difference in energy levels. Chronic fatigue can signal many different health problems and should be discussed with a doctor when possible.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Though the study of alkaline water and its benefits is fairly new, there have been many promising results found during this short period. The rise of alkaline water has been attached to the increase in Americans following the alkaline diet. Proponents of alkaline health have said that alkaline water can help neutralize acid in the bloodstream, function as an antioxidant, boost metabolism and cure certain diseases.

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Over time the body can accumulate acidic waste and toxins from the environment or processed products that may be consumed. When acid waste collects it can lead to serious problems within the body. Drinking alkaline water daily can help flush toxins and waste products from the body to restore normal pH levels.

When paired with low acid, high alkaline foods, alkaline water can detoxify the body and create increased energy levels. With the number of pollutants we are faced with in the current era, flushing the bad portions from your system has never been easier. Choosing alkaline water can help shield the body from daily toxins that may be encountered unknowingly.

Antioxidant Benefits

When alkaline water is produced it undergoes a mineralization process. During this period, water molecules are grouped into micro clusters which promote antioxidant-like effects when consumed. By simply adding alkaline water to your daily nutritional intake, individuals will be reaping the added antioxidant benefits they may have otherwise missed out on.

Alkaline water functions as an antioxidant to search for and remove free radicals that may cause cellular damage. This process happens because alkaline water is inherently able to give up electrons to neutralize free radicals. When the alkaline water finds them, they are converted into oxygen for the body to use in tissues and energy production.

Increased Endurance

When the body's pH level is properly balanced it will utilize minerals within the bones more efficiently. This means that the likelihood of fatigue will be greatly diminished. For this reason, many athletes can be found drinking alkaline water to improve athletic performance.

Accumulation of acid due to strength training can cause a feeling of soreness within the muscles. By supplementing with alkaline water, the body will be more capable of neutralizing this acid. This means longer training periods can be achieved without an early onset of soreness or fatigue.


Proper hydration is the most important nutritional aspect within the human body. Alkaline water forms water within the body into micro clusters for easy absorption. Because these molecules can be easily absorbed at a cellular level, the body can be hydrated more efficiently.

Staying properly hydrated can ensure the body has the necessary fluids to perform at optimal levels. Signs of dehydration can include a dry mouth, tiredness, dry skin and headache. Symptoms such as extreme thirst, confusion and sunken eyes can signify severe dehydration and medical attention should be sought.

How Can Alkaline Water Help with Morning Sickness?

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Morning sickness during early pregnancy most often is a sign of dehydration for the mother and growing fetus. This is because pregnancy requires a very high level of water for the processes that are being conducted. Pregnant women should drink adequate water to ensure dehydration isn't an issue.

The cause of dehydration stems from cell divisions. During the growth of a fetus, nearly one trillion cell divisions will take place. Each of these cells must be filled with water to function properly. For this reason, supplementing with NutraPre during pregnancy will help alleviate this and many other problems.

During pregnancy, women can lose a lot of alkaline materials to the fetus. While in the placenta, the fetus will receive nutrients via the umbilical cord. This process gives the unborn child energy for the growth processes they are undergoing.

Once the nutrients are used by the fetus, they will be discharged into the placenta in the form of acid waste. Because the mother and child don’t share blood vessels, the mother is unable to dispose of the wastes that the unborn child is creating. For this reason, the mother's body will lose alkaline materials to the placenta to neutralize the acidic build up that is occurring.

During this rapid loss of alkaline materials, the blood of the mother will become very acidic. The rise of blood acidity within pregnant females has been directly linked to morning sickness by Japanese doctors. This explains the effectiveness of alkaline water for quick relief of morning sickness symptoms.

If an expecting mother has enough alkaline minerals within the body to buffer acidity build up within the blood, she would not experience morning sickness. When alkaline minerals are depleted, severe morning sickness can be expected. When the acidic discharges of an unborn child are not neutralized, the baby is more likely to have jaundice at birth.

Prior to pregnancy, women should be drinking alkaline water to build up reserves of alkaline minerals. This can help avoid morning sickness symptoms and create an environment for the baby to have healthy growth. Without adequate alkaline stores within the body, women will age more quickly during pregnancy and experience detrimental health problems following delivery.

Many women develop osteoporosis during pregnancy due to a rapid loss of alkaline minerals. Lack of alkalinity has also been shown to cause high cholesterol and kidney stones. Excess acid can also limit blood circulation because the viscosity of blood becomes thicker, leading to many other detrimental pain and diseases.

Why NutraPre?

Alkaline Water has recently begun to be recognized in the US for its many health benefits. Much of our normal diet is acidic and builds up acidic waste and toxins in our body. When you drink NutraPre bottled alkaline water to raise your body’s pH level, you are able to counter this effect. Natural alkaline water acts as an antioxidant and helps to detoxify your body and remove acidic waste.



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