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Advanced Nano Delivery

NutraPre uses advanced nutritional science to break down important top prenatal vitamins into nano-sized nutrients that are delivered directly to your cells.

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Alkaline pH Water

Morning sickness is caused by the depletion of alkaline minerals due to baby’s growth. NutraPre replenishes these minerals with alkaline water.

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Maintaining a healthy diet through pregnancy can be challenging, especially when dealing with morning sickness symptoms. Even when a diet is in check, essential nutrients may still be falling short of daily recommended amounts. Luckily, prenatal vitamins are a viable source for achieving your prenatal nutritional goals.

Healthy nutritional levels are important all the time but are especially crucial during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are used to bridge nutritional gaps that may affect children in the womb. Without the support of prenatal vitamins, children may be born preterm or experience many different birth defects. There are two main reasons why expecting mothers should be supplementing with prenatal vitamins.

Replace Nutrients

When pregnant, women will be losing many different vitamins more quickly than they normally would. The main reason for this is that the vitamins are being rerouted to the baby during a rapid growth period. For this reason, replacing these essential vitamins and minerals is extremely important.

When dealing with morning sickness, nutrients can be lost through diarrhea or vomiting. Adding supplemental vitamins and minerals to replace those lost can be incredibly beneficial in maintaining a healthy environment for your baby. NutraPre contains small amounts of the top prenatal vitamins to ensure they are replaced while morning sickness symptoms are lessened!

Benefit Development

When the baby is in the womb, it will grow from the size of a poppy seed after conception to a small pumpkin just before birth. With this drastic growth, many different vitamins and minerals are necessary to facilitate energy as well as skin, cartilage and bone production. It is important to consult your physician to know your specific recommended amounts of nutrients.

It can often be hard to get the recommended amounts of vitamins necessary for proper development. For that reason, prenatal vitamins and other supplements are necessary. Fortunately, NutraPre provides supplemental prenatal vitamins within our clear, pure alkaline water!

Why choose NutraPre?

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Prenatal vitamins are important to ensure the health of a developing baby. Normal diets often leave the expectant mother with nutritional gaps that need to be filled through supplementation. NutraPre adds necessary prenatal vitamins to every bottle to help fill the gaps that a prenatal vitamin alone won't.

Because NutraPre has no added tastes many expectant mothers find it easier to keep down. This is extremely beneficial when dealing with morning sickness symptoms, where taste alone can cause nausea and discomfort. Try our alkaline water today to see why moms to be drink NutraPre!

NutraPre Alkaline pH Water

The prenatal nano nutrients in our natural alkaline water are absorbed immediately, benefiting both mom and baby. The unique water seal created in our formula also allows us to deliver these essential prenatal vitamins and nutrients in a clear, pure alkaline water. Because the sense of taste plays a large role in dealing with morning sickness, we left out all the artificial flavors.

Advanced Nano Delivery

NutraPre uses advanced nutritional science to break down important top prenatal vitamins into nano-sized nutrients that are delivered directly to your cells. By encapsulating nano nutrients within a liposome encapsulated water molecule, they are more easily absorbed by their target cells. With the advancements in nano delivery methods, nutrients are now more bioavailable and effective than previously seen with oral ingestion.

Because the nutrients take up the bulk of a cell's surface area, absorption is more easily achieved. Cell walls are composed much like a fine piece of mesh. Because these molecules are so small, they can easily penetrate the outer wall of the cell making nutrient delivery more achievable.

Prenatal Vitamins

Our bottled alkaline water contains the most highly-recommended vitamins and nutrients for pregnant and nursing mothers, including the natural form of folic acid: folate. With small amounts of supplemental vitamins included in the formula, mothers can be sure they are taking the best possible precautions for their child. Due to the small amounts included, multiple bottles can be consumed daily with no risk of hypervitaminosis.

NutraPre prenatal alkaline water isn't created to replace prenatal vitamins, but rather supplement them. In most cases, the average diet won't account for the necessary nutrients needed to sustain the growth of a developing baby. When taken with a prenatal vitamin, NutraPre can help close nutritional gaps that may be present.

Alkaline pH Water

Morning sickness may be caused by the depletion of alkaline minerals due to baby's growth. NutraPre replenishes these minerals with alkaline pH water. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body will give alkaline minerals to the placenta to neutralize acidic discharges. For this reason, supplementing with alkaline water may help end unwanted morning sickness symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Studies have also shown that alkaline water may help deactivate pepsin, which causes acid reflux. Other purported benefits include of alkaline water include antioxidant like benefits, skin rejuvenation and colon cleansing properties. However, clinical studies have not been able to substantiate these claims and have been inconclusive on the effectiveness in treating these issues.

Pure & Clear

Hydration is important for every living human but is even more important during pregnancy. When pregnant an expectant mother will require enough hydration for two to accommodate the growing baby. NutraPre has made a simple hydration source with added prenatal vitamins to ensure proper nutrients are facilitating this growth.

Because of our advanced technology, we are able to provide the top prenatal vitamins in a clear, pure water without any added flavors, sweeteners, or aftertaste. Because morning sickness can be onset by certain smells and tastes, we ensured our water retains no taste or scent that may hinder recovery.

Our Bottled Alkaline Water Has All of the Top Prenatal Vitamins You Need



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Prenatal vitamins should have a few very specific ingredients to ensure proper development of the baby and promote the health of the pregnant female. Though many vitamins can be obtained through eating, supplementation will help ensure nutrients that are needed are being absorbed. Folic acid, for instance, is recommended to all mothers-to-be for very specific reasons.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients that a pregnant female can obtain throughout her pregnancy and, in most cases while trying to become pregnant. Supplementation of folic acid decreases the risk of children being born with birth defects that will affect the nervous system, brain and spinal cord. The Center for Disease Control has gone on record to say that up to 50 percent of spina bifida cases can be avoided by receiving the proper amount of folic acid.

Prenatal vitamins are essential for the proper development of a baby within the womb. Expectant mothers can think of supplemental vitamins and minerals as a way of ensuring their baby is getting the crucial nutrients they need for proper growth and development. Women who experience dietary restrictions may not be getting the nutrients they need to support their pregnancy.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is often known as pyridoxine. This micronutrient is vital in the development of a baby's brain and nervous system during development. Supplementation of vitamin B6 is essential in helping babies metabolize protein and carbohydrates.

Research of this nutrient has found that supplementation of vitamin B6 may help relieve the symptoms of nausea or vomiting. The reason for this has still not yet been discovered. This may be because vitamin B6 is helpful in forming new red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 can naturally occur in fish, lean meats and nuts.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is among the top ranked for all vitamin deficiencies within the United States. This vitamin is important for brain function and development. Proper levels of vitamin B12 during pregnancy can promote enhanced energy levels and decrease the potential for elevated stress.

Studies have shown that women with vitamin B12 deficiencies during early pregnancy were up to five times more likely to see neural defects, such as spina bifida, within their babies. Studies have also predicted that a deficiency in this nutrient may create a higher risk for a baby to have a potentially fatal birth defect. Vitamin B12 also plays an essential role in the functioning of the nervous system and creation of red blood cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for the body to produce collagen, which is used to produce cartilage, tendons, skin and bones. For this reason, it is essential that babies get vitamin C for proper development. Some research has shown that deficiencies in this nutrient can lead to mental development issues.

This vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid, is also essential for tissue repair, fighting infection and protecting cells from potential damage. Citrus foods, such as oranges, are known sources of high-quality vitamin C. When possible, fresh foods should be utilized because heat can destroy vitamin C.


Folic acid plays a pivotal role in the prevention of birth defects relating to the brain and spinal cord. This vitamin functions to produce red blood cells as well as develop the neural tube into a baby's brain and spinal cord. Birth defects often occur within the first four weeks of a pregnancy, so supplementing with folate early is essential.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that when pregnant women take a recommended amount of folic acid one month before conception and during the first trimester visible reductions in neural tube defects are apparent. In some cases, neural tube defects were reduced by as much as 70 percent when properly supplementing this vitamin. Food manufacturers that produce enriched grains are required to add folic acid to their products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Also known as vitamin H, Biotin is commonly seen within Hair, Skin and Nails supplements. This is because biotin is specifically beneficial for keeping the skin, hair, eyes, liver and nervous system healthy. This can be an added benefit even prior to pregnancy, but this supplement still has many benefits for a growing baby.

In clinical studies on animals, biotin deficiencies were found to cause numerous birth defects within babies. It is widely believed that these findings can carry over to humans as well. Some of the common findings associated with biotin deficiencies showed cleft palate and lip problems as well as skeletal deformities.


Iodine is critical in the normal growth and maturity of reproductive organs. Iodine is also important during periods of breastfeeding because of the amount of iodine lost each day through breastfeeding or pumping. Certain studies have shown that through these processes, some women have the ability to lose an entire day's worth of iodine even after pregnancy, resulting in hormonal changes and unwanted side effects.

The most important role of iodine its ability to regulate the thyroid gland. During pregnancy, iodine regulates a baby's metabolism and aids in brain and nervous system development. Iodine deficiencies have been found to increase the risk of miscarriage, preterm delivery and stillbirth.


Riboflavin is essential for the development of a baby's bones, muscles and nerves within the womb. Deficiencies in this vitamin, also known as B2, may be responsible for the onset of preeclampsia in some women. Supplementing riboflavin while pregnant can promote a baby's vision, skin and overall growth.

Because riboflavin is water-soluble the body won't store it. Because this vitamin isn't stored, it will need to be replaced daily. Some foods such as milk and bread are sources of riboflavin, however, exposure to light can destroy riboflavin and make it ineffective.


This vitamin, also known as B1, enables an expecting mother and her baby to convert carbohydrates for energy. This is important for babies within the womb because they are undergoing rapid growth. Thiamin is essential for the development of a baby's brain and can assist the mother's nervous system, muscles and health functions.

Thiamin is also critical for the development of a baby's brain while in the womb. When pregnant or nursing, women will need more thiamin than normal. In most cases, this nutrient can be obtained from food sources such as fortified bread, whole grain products, peas and dried beans.

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