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Trimesters and Their Significance Explained

Trimesters and Their Significance ExplainedFull-term pregnancy can last anywhere between 37 and 41 weeks. To better explain the development process the fetus goes through and the changes within the expectant mother's body, pregnancy is divided into three distinct trimesters. Each of these trimesters will last between 12 and 14 weeks in length.

The First Trimester

Once impregnation is successful, the body will begin undergoing many changes. Within the first few weeks, hormone levels will see drastic changes as the uterus begins supporting placenta and fetus growth. This combination of changes is often cited as one of the contributing factors for the development of morning sickness symptoms.

Throughout the first trimester, it is unlikely many physical changes will be present within the mother's body. However, this period is critical for the development of your baby and proper nutrition and prenatal supplementation is important. All bad habits, including smoking and drinking, must also be stopped.

The Second Trimester

After thirteen weeks of pregnancy, most women gladly welcome the third trimester. Now, early pregnancy symptoms will begin to disappear. However, some women will face morning sickness symptoms during the entirety of their pregnancy. During the second trimester, many women will have deep, restful sleep throughout the night with peak energy levels during the day.

The second trimester will also bring the arrival of rapid uterus growth, causing visible pregnancy signs. During this phase, women will begin to invest in maternity clothing and share the news with family and friends. It is not uncommon for symptoms such as leg cramps and heartburn to appear during the second trimester.

The Third Trimester

The third trimester spans from week 28 until the baby is born. Throughout this phase doctor visits will become more regularly to ensure the baby is properly developing and preparing for birth. During this final phase, it is important to begin childbirth classes with your partner to ensure preparation.

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