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Three Myths of Pregnancy & One Helpful Truth

Morning sickness: some women get it so bad they can barely go on with their day-to-day lives, and others barely have to deal with it. Listed below are some myths and one truth about morning sickness: 


Myth One: Eating is Impossible

Due to morning sickness, you might be hesitant to eat anything. Every time you go to eat, it makes your stomach turn. The foods you usually like are making you sick, and the food you find grotesque, you happen to be craving. Listen to your body if you’re hungry eat. Eat periodically throughout the day, and try small meals that avoid too much spiciness or sweetness. The meals should also be high in carbohydrates so that your body has energy. Even though you are consistently getting sick, don’t skip meals. It’s more appropriate to eat when feeling hungry, instead of avoiding food altogether. The next time you are unable to eat due to your morning sickness, try plain bread before you start the day or mixing up your usual diet and listening to what your body wants.

Myth Two: There’s Only One Symptom

In conjunction with nausea, there’s also excess saliva in your mouth combined with lightheadedness, increased awareness of motion and dizziness. If you didn’t get car sick before, you might be surprised to find that you feel more motion sickness. Very strong smells can also make you sick, such as perfume, soaps, and certain foods. To help combat the morning sickness, keep a diary so you can catalog what makes you feel worse and better.

Myth Three: It’s Untreatable

Even though you’re pregnant and can’t take a majority of helpful medications, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to combat the morning sickness. There are a few helpful tricks that can help keep you comfortable as you try to deal with morning sickness. The more important one to remember is that you can rest. Put up your feet, and allow yourself to relax; remember to drink water as well. Try to only drink water, since that’s a hydrating beverage and isn’t sweet or sharp, which can worsen the morning sickness. Comfortable clothes that don't bother your growing stomach are also very vital to remember, as you begin the first steps of your pregnancy.

Truth One: Alkaline Water

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