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The Importance Of Iron

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Pregnancy is difficult. A woman’s body goes through a long ordeal that sometimes takes a very long time to bounce back, if ever. At NutraPre we try to make a woman’s pregnancy a little easier by helping combat morning sickness by adding more vitamins to her body. We have created a bottled alkaline water that is beneficially healthy. As the body goes through these changes, our bottled water helps to raise the body’s pH level and counteract the unhealthy waste that has been consumed. Natural alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, which will help to detox and remove waste from the body.

Alkaline Water also has many ingredients that a woman loses while she’s pregnant. Without these vital ingredients, a woman can be in very serious danger of hurting herself or the baby. One of the most important ingredients NutraPre has is iron. Iron is very vital to maintain while pregnant. Below are some basic questions to help you understand why having an iron-heavy diet is important.

What Does Iron Do?

Having a healthy intake of iron is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system. Iron is linked to protein in red blood cells, which helps to carry oxygen to other cells, this is called hemoglobin. In addition to helping to bring oxygen to other cells, iron also helps to supply oxygen to muscles, bone, cartilage, various enzymes and other connective tissue.

However, while you’re pregnant maintaining your iron is even more important. Many women at the start of their pregnancies don’t have the proper iron levels. Due to being pregnant, the body has twice as much blood as usual, so to continue the process of hemoglobin, a healthy iron-rich diet is a necessity. Iron also helps the baby grow as the trimesters continue on.

Why is Iron Important?

Without a healthy iron-filled diet, a pregnancy can result in pre-term delivery, low birth weight, and/or infant mortality.

How Should I Maintain An Iron-Filled Diet?

One of the best ways to get an iron-filled diet is with Alkaline water, which is chock full of various vitamins. Another way to get more iron into the diet is to eat beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. If the female is a vegetarian, she can find iron in beans, tofu, spinach, and oatmeal. Eating iron every day isn’t necessary, but try to get at least 27 milligrams per day, and eat iron at least every few days. Try any of these sufficient iron healthy items to keep an enriched iron diet.

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