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Reasons to Announce Your Pregnancy Early

Reasons to Announce Your Pregnancy EarlyIt is not uncommon for a pregnancy test to cause an immediate reaction to want to call and tell someone. It has become common practice to wait until the 12-week mark to announce your pregnancy, even if you find out during the sixth week. Though the first trimester is the often the bumpiest and carries the most risks, there are several reasons why announcing your pregnancy early can be beneficial.

Build Your Support Network

Telling your friends and family you are pregnant as early as possible can help create a support system that will inevitably need to be utilized. By reaching out to friends that have already experienced pregnancy first-hand, several pregnancy pitfalls can be avoided. Their support can help navigate early pregnancy and build your baby registry.

Secrets Are Hard to Keep

Becoming pregnant is a big life event that can often be hard to contain. Let's face it, no one likes keeping a secret that is such an exciting announcement. When you are excited about what is happening in your life, it's not uncommon to want to share that joy. By announcing your pregnancy early, this can be achieved!

It Feels Right

Letting predetermined rules define your pregnancy is something that has been pushed back against recently. Undoubtedly, old rules such as the cessation of smoking and alcohol are important to adhere to. However, harmless acts such as early announcement will not impact the health of the baby and should be up to the discretion of the mother.

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