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Getting Sleep with a Newborn Baby

Getting Sleep with a Newborn BabyCaring for a newborn baby can lead take its toll on first-time parents. One of the most common problems facing new parents is an increase in sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can be not only emotionally draining but dangerous. Following these simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to achieving more, restful sleep.

Communicate with Your Partner

Before the baby arrives, talk with your partner to make sure there is an understanding that caring for the baby is a joint venture. If you have experienced sleep deprivation previously, make sure this is known. Letting your partner know you may need some time to unwind in advance will be beneficial down the line.

Don't Take on More Responsibility

Situations may come up that make you feel like you should take on added responsibilities. Under no circumstances should this happen unless you want the sleep deprivation to get worse. Take this time to care for your child and recover from the pregnancy and delivery.

Follow Your Baby's Sleep Patterns

When your baby goes to sleep or takes a nap, try to take this time to rest as well. This is the easiest way to ensure you are receiving enough sleep to avoid sleep deprivation. Chores and missed TV shows will wait!

Don't Turn Down Help

It is not uncommon for family and friends to want to spend time with your baby. Don't be afraid to accept help to ease the sleep problems you are facing. Take advantage of this time and stick to a cool, dark area for optimal rest.

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