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Avoid These Personal Care Product Ingredients During Pregnancy

Avoid These Personal Care Product Ingredients During PregnancyWithin the personal care industry, less than 11% of the 10,000 ingredients used in product formulas have been tested for safety. Products such as makeup, lotion, hair products and face wash may all contain ingredients that could be hurting the development of your unborn child. Though this is only a partial list, these ingredients should be avoided when buying personal care products during pregnancy.


It is astonishing how many personal care products feature lead as a common ingredient. Often makeup, nail polish and lipstick can be found in over half of these products currently sitting on store shelves. Lead has been associated with reduced fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage, so this ingredient should be avoided at all costs.


The ingredient is extremely common in the ingredients list of sunscreen, being used in nearly 80% of sunscreen products currently on the market. This organic compound is easily absorbed through the skin and can often be found in mother's milk. Oxybenzone has been shown to cause lower birth weight when used during pregnancy.


Over time you may have been browsing the cosmetics aisle and seen a select few products that claim to be paraben-free. It is believed that up to 90% of cosmetic products contains parabens, which can cause hormone disruption among women. This is very dangerous during pregnancy because important developmental changes are occurring within your child.


Often used to preserve tissue and function as an embalming agent, formaldehyde is often found in shampoo, hair treatment products and nail polish. Formaldehyde exposure has been linked to fertility problems and increased risk of miscarriage. Because this ingredient poses so many risks during pregnancy it is important to search for formaldehyde-free product alternatives whenever possible.

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