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All About Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is such a wonderful season of life, filled with so much expectation and joy. There’s the excitement of getting to feel your little one kick for the first time. The fun of getting to pick out things for your baby and imagine who they’ll be and what their life will the like. The constantly expanding love you feel as you watch your belly grow. And then there’s morning sickness. Many women struggle to find remedies for morning sickness, and NutraPre is here to help. One of the most difficult and challenging aspects of pregnancy, morning sickness is something every expectant mother comes to dread. And since over 50 percent of pregnant women will experience morning sickness, it is a significant hurdle facing many moms-to-be all over the world. While it is not harmful to your baby, if morning sickness keeps you from eating properly and getting all the nutrients you and baby need, it can become a problem.


What Causes Morning Sickness?

For many women, morning sickness is the first pregnancy symptom they experience. It typically starts around the sixth week and ends around the 12th week, but this is different for every woman. And despite the name, morning sickness can strike at any time of day. Some women only experience nausea, some nausea and vomiting and some don’t experience morning sickness at all. So it’s important to remember that your pregnancy experience is completely unique and shouldn’t be compared to other women’s experiences, or even to previous pregnancies you’ve had! Many pregnant women experience morning sickness because of a sudden shift in their body’s pH level. Our diets are very acidic and they build up acidic waste and toxins in our body. Drinking alkaline water helps detoxify the body, remove acidic waste, raises the body’s pH level and counters the effect of this. During pregnancy, this balance is thrown even further out of order because your baby’s demand for alkaline minerals leave your store depleted, making it harder for your to naturally detoxify and raise your pH levels back to normal.


Are You Looking For Remedies For Morning Sickness?

There’s no magic cure to completely get rid of all symptoms of morning sickness forever. But while it can’t be completely prevented, there are a number of things you can do to greatly relieve your nausea. One of those is to drink NutraPre. We specifically created this Alkaline Water for pregnant mothers so that they could drink something that tastes like water, but would detoxify their body and naturally balance their pH levels, thus relieving the symptoms of morning sickness.


Here are some other possible remedies for morning sickness:

  • This might sound like the last thing you want to do, but it really does help. We’re not talking running a marathon here, but doing yoga, stretching or going for a walk will relieve your symptoms.
  • Eat multiple small meals throughout the day rather than three large meals.
  • Make sure you're sufficiently hydrated (dehydration can lead to nausea), but try not to drink fluids while eating.
  • Stay out of warm places, open windows, turn on fans, etc.
  • Eat saltines right when you get up in the morning.
  • If you know you need to eat but you feel too nauseated, try eating something really salty, like potato chips. The salt helps some women settle their stomachs before eating.
  • Many women say drinking lemonade, water with lemon and ginger or ginger ale (if you are drinking soda during your pregnancy) helps settle their stomach.
There are also a few things that are commonly known to be triggers for nausea in most pregnant women, so make sure to avoid these activates and foods as much as you possibly can:
  • Eating, or even cooking and smelling, spicy foods makes many women nauseated during pregnancy.
  • Try not to lie down immediately after eating.
  • Try not to skip meals. We know that the thought of eating makes you feel queasy, but having an empty stomach can actually make you queasy, too!
  • If you experience excessive vomiting, contact your doctor and follow all their advice closely.
We hope this information helps keep both you and baby as happy and healthy as possible during your pregnancy. To order NutraPre, either as a subscription or a single order, go to the “Buy NutraPre” page in the top, right-hand corner of our site. If you’re interested in learning more about our revolutionary new product, you can fill out our contact form or connect with us on social media. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Google+and Pinterest.