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The Importance Of Prenatal Vitamins During Pregnancy

dreamstime_xxl_21324479NutraPre Bottled Alkaline Water Contains The Prenatal Vitamins You Need

Women who are planning on becoming pregnant, are pregnant, or are nursing greatly benefit from daily nutritional supplements. You could take your prenatal vitamins in the form of horse pills, or you could help your morning sickness and drink our bottled alkaline water, which has all of the prenatal vitamins recommended by doctors in a pure, clear water that has no aftertaste. We think it’s important for women to understand why they benefit from prenatal vitamins in the first place.


The Two Most Important Ingredients In Prenatal Vitamins

  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is extremely important as it decreases the likelihood that your baby will be born with spina bifida, which is a series of severe birth defects that affect different parts of the nervous system such as the spinal cord and brain. In fact, reports by the CDC state that up to 50 percent of all spina bifida cases can easily be prevented by the mother taking enough folic acid. How much is enough? It is recommended that all women who could possibly become pregnant take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Our bottled alkaline water contains folic acid in its natural form: folate.
  • Iron: Iron is another very important ingredient in prenatal vitamins as pregnant women are especially susceptible to iron deficiencies, or anemia. When you become pregnant and begin progressing through your pregnancy, you transition from having enough blood in your body for one person to having enough blood in your body for two. This happens so that your baby has the oxygen he or she needs to breathe and develop. Plus, any blood lost during childbirth will be less traumatic for the mother if she is not anemic.
Remember, vitamins and supplements can never replace a healthy diet. Speak with your doctor to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, supplements, and proper nutrition you need during your pregnancy.