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Two Tips For Dealing With Morning Sickness

dreamstime_xxl_16891888Pregnancy is a wonderfully amazing ride, but the nausea that often comes with it? Not so much. Unfortunately, approximately 70 percent of expectant mothers experience morning sickness early in their pregnancies, while 50 percent experience vomiting. Some women are sick all day, some are only sick in the morning, and some don’t get sick at all. So, how do you deal with it? Scour the internet for remedies for morning sickness? Drink NutraPre bottled alkaline water? Stay in bed all day?

Two Tips For Dealing With Morning Sickness Like The Boss You Are

Check out our tips from real moms and doctors.


Skip Work

You know those mornings when the thought of dragging yourself out of bed only makes the nausea worse? Then don’t! Stay in bed! Take a sick day and give yourself a break. You can’t do it all, and your body is already working overtime to develop a little human. You deserve time to recoup and rest.


Take A Whiff Of A Fresh Scent

Be warned, some smells are going to make your nausea worse. Your sense of smell comes from estrogen, and when you’re body is full of estrogen during pregnancy, your stomach can turn from a smell a mile away. When you can’t get away from the ugly smells, try taking a few whiffs of a fresh scent like lemon or rosemary. Little bottles of essential oils or extracts are perfect and can literally be the scent between you and the rest of the world. Check back soon for more tips on dealing with morning sickness and more from NutraPre. Ready to try our alkaline water? It’s a great way to replenish your alkaline levels and works as a wonderful remedy for morning sickness.